Where are Sharpton and Jackson?

Published 9:48 pm Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Who is Ike Brown? Where is he from? What has he done lately to draw attention to himself? Answer: He was found guilty, by a Federal Judge, of discrimination against white voters in Noxubee County. Ike Brown is chairman of the Noxubee County Democratic Executive Committee, which is responsible for the discrimination against the white voters of that county.

Now the very word “discrimination” should set off alarm bells in the heads of both Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. These two race hustlers always have their antennas up for any case of race discrimination (unless it is reverse discrimination). Why I would not be surprised if they didn’t both hop on a private jet and fly directly into the Noxubee County airport to protest this egregious form of discrimination. NOT!!!

After all these two race hustlers were quick to jump on the bandwagon against the rape allegations of the three white lacrosse players charged with rape of a black stripper. They showed great indignity at these allegations at the time. Ever wonder where they were when the allegations were found to be completely false. They loved the face time with the national print media and the TV cameras before the case fell apart and exonerated the three white young men. Jesse and Al have a great opportunity to jump in and accuse Federal District Judge Tom Lee of a rash judgment in this case. I mean after all he is only a Federal District Judge, and they are both “Reverends”, men of God, and dispensers of the Holy Word. (Never mind that ole Jesse impregnated a woman that was not his wife)

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if ole Jesse and Al would get on the bandwagon to clean up the cultural pollution that exists in the Hip-Hop music industry that demeans women and perpetuates the many racial epithets in that industry. The don’t bother with this problem for the same reason that they won’t bother with the reverse discrimination case in Noxubee County – nothing in it for them.

Thank goodness for the 1965 Voting Rights Act. This is a law of the land that guarantees all persons the right to vote. This is a precious right men and women in our Armed Forces have fought and died for, so get out and vote in the upcoming elections. It is both our responsibility and moral right to do so.

Kirk Bartley

Natchez resident