Finance reports are in

Published 12:32 am Thursday, August 2, 2007

NATCHEZ — The last campaign finance reports before primary elections were due at 5 p.m. Tuesday, and the race for sheriff leads the numbers.

Reynolds Atkins: Raised-$1,250/Spent-$1,444

Ronald Albritton: Raised: $0/Spent: $0

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Audrey Minor Bailey: Raised: $2,250/Spent: $2,204.97

Luther “Brad” Bradford: Raised: $1,990/Spent: $3,327

Ronny Brown: Raised: $50,601/Spent: $45,651

Paul Brooks: Raised: $700/Spent: $0

Tonja Butler: Raised: $500/Spent: $1,077

Peter BurnsRaised: $10,542.44/Spent: $9,866.78

Sammy CauthenRaised: $5,209/Spent: $2,412.11

Thomas “Boo” CampbellRaised: $0/Spent: $0

Patricia DunmoreRaised: $2,140/Spent: $3,718.23

Glenn Etheridge:Raised: $14,206/Spent: $13,267.72

Randy Freeman:Raised: $0/Spent: $0

S.E. “Spanky” FelterRaised: $0/Spent: $2,681

Britt Gibson: Raised: $4,382/Spent: $6,610.97

Darryl Grennell:Raised: $1,975/Spent: $1,975

Donnie Holloway:Raised: $10,070/Spent: $7,867.80

Wilbur O. Johnson: Raised: $7,345/Spent: $7,367

Rose Daniel Johnson:Raised: $5,948.29/Spent: $5,948.29

Mike Lazarus:Raised: $435/Spent: $18,992.89

Jerry Lyles:Raised: $2,300/Spent: $18,040.01

Paul Leake:Raised: $5,044/Spent: $3,819

Mike Smith:Raised: $1,600/Spent: $4,585

M.L. “Binkey” Vines:Raised: $0/Spent: $1,684

Charles VessRaised: $5,700/Spent: $4,565

Henry Watts:Raised: $4,365/Spent: $3,073.80

Charles Woods:Raised: $15,437.61/Spent: $13,802.55

Eddie Walker:Raised: $12,77.50/Spent: $11,475.97

Zefer Young:Raised: $0/Spent: $0

Incumbent Sheriff Ronny Brown raised and spent the most money over the campaign, totaling $50,601 raised and $45,651.86 spent this year.

In the last reporting period, he raised $1,200 and spent $11,123.28, according to his reports.

“I’m about through, I think,” Brown said. “The last things are dribbling in. Every once in a while, someone will drop a check by. We spent a lot on the barbecue and cookout deal we had.”

Like most candidates, the rest of Brown’s money went toward advertising.

“It just takes that much money to put the message out to the people,” Brown said. “If you want the message to get out, you’ve got to spend the money. It’s not cheap.”

Brown said he would likely spend the rest of the money on Election Day.

“Whatever’s left after that, we’ll do some thank-you ads,” he said.

Brown’s sole opponent, Charles Woods, raised $15,437.61 this year and spent $13,802.55.

In the last reporting period, Woods raised $1,922.05 and spent $1,473.05, according to his reports.

While Woods has raised more than most candidates, it’s not even close to Brown’s numbers.

But it doesn’t need to be, Woods said.

“Trust me, to run a well-organized campaign, you can do it for less than $20,000,” he said.

Woods is still raising money and campaigning, he said.

“We’ll have a big campaign rally,” Woods said. “We expect several hundred people Saturday. We’re still hard at it.”

Tax collector candidate Peter Burns landed in roughly the middle of funds raised.

And while Burns is not actively fundraising anymore, he said he is still campaigning.

“It’s not over until Tuesday (primary elections), and maybe longer than that,” he said, referring to possible run-offs and general elections. “We’re still walking and knocking on doors. It’s not over until it’s over.”

Incumbent Circuit Clerk M.L. “Binkey” Vines reported spending $1,684 this year and raising no money.

“We’re going to run a different kind of campaign this year,” Vines said. “I’m not taking any money. I’ve had people offer me money, but I will not take it.”

Vines said he has paid for everything — his report lists spending on magazine and radio advertising and at a graphics store — out of his own pockets.

“I’ve put it in the hands of the Lord,” he said.

Candidates have a 10-day grace period in which to submit their campaign finance reports.

All information listed below was taken from reports found in the circuit clerk’s office at 5 p.m. Tuesday. The amounts are how much each candidate raised so far this year.

Candidates have a 10-day grace period in which to submit late reports.