Voters say interest is high in local races

Published 12:40 am Monday, August 6, 2007

NATCHEZ — Out on the streets of Adams County, voters seem to agree that the upcoming election has rightfully garnered as much attention as it deserves.

With 46 candidates running for county seats — 21 of them are running for the five board of supervisors positions — some county residents said they found the wide field of candidates unfamiliar and confusing.

Natchez resident Wilbert Bailey disagreed.

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Bailey said having a lot of candidates has helped draw attention to the race.

“I think it makes it more interesting because it gives (voters) a lot more options,” he said.

“When you have a lot of people running, you have lots of opinions out there,” he said. “You have a better chance of choosing the one you agree with the most.”

Bailey said he was still unsure for whom he would vote.

“That’s a decision I’ll have to make at that time,” he said.

Natchez resident Patricia Clark said the field of candidates and the attention paid to the race is due to the fact that people want to see a change in leadership.

Some of the county leadership lacks moral reliability, Clark said.

“It’s time for some honesty, integrity and morals,” she said. “We need that.”

Another Natchez resident, Murray Warnock, agreed.

The county leadership needs to work toward some unity, and it may take new leadership to get that, he said.

“It’s time to work together,” he said.

A lot of issues are drawn down racial lines, something that the county leaders should be able to disregard for the greater good, Warnock said.

“We need to stop living like it is 200 years ago,” he said.