Another escape, another catch; Tupelo monkey back in cage

Published 9:55 am Wednesday, August 15, 2007

TUPELO, Miss. (AP) — Oliver, the monkey that freed himself about two weeks ago from the Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo and fled again Monday, is back home.

This time the white-faced capuchin monkey is triple-chained in his cage.

Oliver was found Tuesday in a yard about four miles from the park. Park officials said he probably followed railroad tracks to get there.

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‘‘The police showed up and helped us,’’ park manager Kirk Nemecheck said. ‘‘We surrounded him, a guy jumped on him and got his hand bit, but we got him.’’

It was Oliver’s second flight this summer and his third in the past six years. He had apparently picked the lock to his pen to escape.

Now, park officials have put three chains with locks on his cage, Nemecheck said in a article.

‘‘There’s one on top, one on the bottom and one in the middle,’’ Nemecheck said. ‘‘If he gets out again, someone is letting him out.’’

The 9-year-old capuchin, a species of monkey native to South and Central America, freed himself July 31 and led park staff on a chase through the park’s trail system before eventually eluding them. He was apprehended Aug. 6 at Tupelo Stone & Masonry after being spotted by a motorist.