Taxi services opening soon

Published 12:07 am Friday, August 17, 2007

NATCHEZ — Two Natchez men are hoping their pickup lines work.

Oscar Davis and Bruce Moak are preparing to promote a new business — a taxi service.

At Tuesday’s aldermen meeting, Moak asked the board to approve his taxi service.

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“At present, we don’t have a taxi service,” Moak told the board. “I would like to provide that service.”

The board agreed, and Moak is making plans to have his service up and running by the end of next week.

“I plan to start with a single unit and then expand,” he said. “We need to find out what the demand is for taxi service.”

As a businessman — Moak owns Moak Easy Auto Rental — he said he saw a need for taxis in town.

“I plan to meet busses and boats, and we’ll pick up from bars at night,” he said.

His business, Miss-Lou Taxi, will serve Natchez and Vidalia.

Moak said he called around to towns the size of Natchez to find out what he should charge.

“It’ll be $6 for a pickup,” he said. “The first two miles are free, and it’s $2 a mile after that.”

Oscar Davis plans to come before the board at its next meeting, he said.

Demand inspired him to start up the business, he said.

“I own a limo business, and I always get a flood of calls, especially when tourists are in town,” Davis said. “But there’s a big difference in price between taxis and limos.

“I thought I might as well add a taxi to my fleet.”

Davis, too, will start out with one car and expand as needed. He said he hopes to start running next month.

“I’m going to target the daily clients,” Davis said. “My main goal will be targeting people who don’t have transportation, who don’t have cars. I think the bars and all that will be an after-hours charge.”