Newspaper’s Binkey-bashing is unfair

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 19, 2007

Boy, if it wasn’t for Binkey the staff writers for The Natchez Democrat would be at a loss for something to write about. And, in my opinion, the publishers and staff writers “speak with a forked tongue.” All letters and Top of Morning’s have to be signed by person writing them, but whoever “Our Opinion” is doesn’t have to sign their names. It just says by “Editorial Board.

Several weeks ago, some voters wanted the “right” to vote on a prison coming to Adams County. Of course it would be about eight miles from the gracious city of Natchez, the publishers and staff writers slammed them, saying we didn’t need the “right” to vote, even wrote opinions asking people not to sign petitions requesting the right to vote! Now they are telling us how important the right to vote is — “speak with a forked tongue.”

And we certainly don’t need Connie Chung, Nancy Grace or MSNBC come to Adams County telling us what a bunch of country bumpkins we are. The publishers and staff writers of The Natchez Democrat do a good enough job of that. And I voted for Binkey in the first election, as did over 2,800 others. And I will vote for him again in the run off.

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BJ Strong

Natchez resident