Let’s elect Mike Smith as supervisor

Published 11:24 pm Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In a matter of a few days, a decision will be made by District 1 voters as to who we choose to challenge the incumbent in the District 1 Supervisor’s race. For those who desire a change, this is an extremely important election. Because of the drawn out events of the past election, candidates in this run-off face the challenge of getting their message out in a very limited amount of time. So, for those of us who truly want new direction by the Board of Supervisors, it is imperative that we elect the candidate with the best qualifications. That person is Mike Smith. In my opinion, he is the only candidate with the positive mind set to contribute to the Board of Supervisors to help make this happen.

Mike Smith and I have had numerous conversations about his desire to serve Adams County. When talking with him, his enthusiasm for Adams County literally jumps out at you and it becomes clear that Mike Smith refuses to be complacent with mediocre progress for his county! Mike Smith has the experience and ability to work professionally with others because he practices a disciplined and professional work ethic. In order to make certain that he will be up to speed on county business, Mike has attended the supervisors’ meetings since he joined the race. With over 30 years of business experience, Mike Smith, along with his wife Desiree, has successfully orchestrated an award-winning radio station. This in itself demands the ability to operate a business profitably, but also requires knowing how to talk with people in a professional manner. In all of my years of knowing Mike Smith, I have never seen him talk to others in any manner other than respectfully and never with a demeaning tone! Unlike the other candidates, Mike had no choice but to quit part of his job. Being in the radio business, the F.C.C. would allow him to remain on the air only if all other candidates signed a permission waiver. All but one candidate agreed and signed. Mike Smith’s character was crystal clear when he decided to stay in the race and shoulder that burden just for the chance to serve Adams County!

This upcoming election is our chance to elect someone that is up to the task of helping to move Adams County forward. Let’s not lose this opportunity. Let’s choose a man with a level headed demeanor. Let’s elect the candidate with a can-do attitude. Let’s elect Mike Smith Supervisor District 1!

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S. John Gormanous

Adams County resident