Honor Estes at Boy Scout banquet

Published 12:07 am Monday, August 27, 2007

Some people spend most of their lives working to improve their community and the lives of those who live there. These people don’t expect praise or adoration — they are just people who do what they do because they enjoy helping others — they were raised that way. Thankfully, Natchez has many people of this type, but one in particular is Terry Estes.

Terry is not only your friendly State Farm Insurance agent but he is much more than you realize. A few of the things he is involved in include: serving as a deacon at First Baptist Church, the Natchez Football Hall of Fame committee, the Natchez Chamber of Commerce, the Co-Lin Foundation Board, serving as past president of the Natchez Lions Club, serving as past president and member of Natchez-Adams School Board, State Education Accreditation Board, and a patron of the Natchez Festival of Music and the Natchez Little Theater. I could go on and on but that is not what this Top of the Morning is about — This is about Terry’s involvement in the Boy Scout program for over 35 years.

Terry served as an assistant scoutmaster in Petal and Poplarville before returning to Natchez in 1977. Since returning he served as scoutmaster for over 10 years helping mold the lives of many young men in our area. He served as Natchez Trace District Chairman and on the Andrew Jackson Council Executive Board and Finance Committee. He was awarded the Silver Beaver Award in 1993 — the highest award given by a Boy Scout Council. Now most people would say “well, I’ve done enough” and quit — not Terry — he’s is still active today.

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The Boy Scout Southern District is honoring Terry with a banquet at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 6, at Co-Lin multi-purpose building. Terry will be the guest of honor at this $100 per plate dinner with proceeds going to help support the Boy Scout program in the Natchez area. This is a way for friends, fellow scouts, past members of Terry’s troop, or anyone interested in the Boy Scout program to say thanks to Terry and spend a great, tax deductible, evening enjoying a wonderful meal and good fellowship. For reservations, call 601-445-8848.

I’ll be there, will you?

Forest Persons is a Natchez resident and a scout.