Co-Lin’s tax hike request makes sense

Published 12:21 am Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In response to the recent request by the Co-Lin administration to raise taxes, it is very important to note the rewards that Natchez can reap.

As a Co-Lin graduate, I can honestly say that the college is a huge asset to our town. After graduating high school in 2005, I was set on fleeing the coop for a bigger city with more opportunities; however, I soon realized that opportunities were a few miles from home. This college is one of the few things keeping residents my age in Natchez. The only way for economic growth to occur is for educational resources to grow as well. How can a town hire workers who have not been properly trained? Would it not be beneficial to train workers in the area so as to have a better way of keeping them here to work?

Also, as a member of the National Honor Society of the two-year institute, Phi Theta Kappa, I (among hundreds of members from surrounding cities) traveled to a regional convention hosted in Gulfport, in which we stayed for the extent of the weekend and ate at restaurants the majority of the time. Wouldn’t these hundreds of students and faculty attending such a convention need hotels to stay in? Wouldn’t they also have to seek food and entertainment in Natchez? Of course they would. Let’s be real, Co-Lin does not have the capacity or facilities to host such an event, which is why we never pushed for it to be there. This should definitely be on the minds of those doubting the usage of up-and-coming hotels. These visiting college students might even mention the quaint town they stayed in, leading to visiting parents and relatives with relaxation in mind. Regardless, these events are essential for Co-Lin to become the prestigious establishment it has potential to be. Without direct knowledge of other clubs, I can’t speak on their behalf — but it is obvious that there would be an influx of events if the campus were to expand. Events hosted at Co-Lin would directly benefit our community in multitudes of ways. Another important aspect of this tax raise to think about would include the job openings that would result from expansion. Instructors from other cities would be drawn to the modern facilities. The benefits are countless, and I’m sure there are downfalls to this, such as higher taxes, but the city direly needs Co-Lin. Think about it.

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Alex Gordon

Natchez resident

Co-Lin graduate