Campbell’s victory locks seat on board

Published 12:42 am Wednesday, August 29, 2007

NATCHEZ — District 3 Supervisor Thomas “Boo” Campbell won Tuesday’s Democratic runoff, ensuring his seat on the board in January.

Campbell faces no Republican challengers in the November general election.

Campbell received 760, or 60.32 percent of the vote Tuesday. His opponent, Britt Gibson, won 500 votes, or 39.68 percent.

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The numbers told Campbell some voters were disappointed in him, he said Tuesday.

“People voted the way they felt,” Campbell said. “You just fight all the time, all the way through.”

But Campbell said he thought misunderstandings contributed to the votes against him, too.

“Most people don’t understand the role of supervisor,” Campbell said. “Some people think all a supervisor does is bring in dirt and gravel (to fill holes). We don’t do that anymore.”

Campbell said some of that misunderstanding might be in part his fault because he did not make his role clear to his constituents.

“We will have some sessions throughout the district to inform people what takes place,” Campbell said.

Campbell said he was happy that the runoff was a clean race.

“Britt was a gentleman all the way,” he said. “He did an excellent job. I have the utmost respect for him, much more than the other guys that ran in the district.”

Campbell said he wanted to thank all his constituents and those “who worked so hard in this race.”

Gibson could not be contacted Tuesday night.