Lazarus wins, to face Cauthen

Published 12:44 am Wednesday, August 29, 2007

NATCHEZ — A battle of the Mikes in District 1 went the way of Lazarus.

Supervisor candidate Mike Lazarus received 1,126 votes, or 59.61 percent of the votes, beating out his opponent, Mike Smith, who won 761 votes, or 40.29 percent.

Lazarus will go on to face incumbent Republican Sammy Cauthen in November’s general election.

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Lazarus said he was waiting to celebrate until after the November election.

“We’re going to get back out there and knock on doors,” he said. “You can buy all the ads you want, but people want to see your face so they can tell you what they want.”

Lazarus said the hard part of campaigning was just starting.

“I’m facing a 28-year incumbent who knows a lot about campaigning and who knows a lot about politics,” he said. “You’re not in office 28 years without knowing something.”

Lazarus said he was happy that all the candidates in the primary and again in the runoff ran a clean race.

Smith, too, said he thought the race had been a good one.

“I hate the way it turned out, but that’s the way the voters decided it should be,” Smith said.

Lazarus said he was especially happy that despite the endorsements his opponents received, he won the votes.

For now, Lazarus said, he was looking to the future.

“I hope I can get votes back out in November,” he said.

“The people are ready for a change, and I’m ready to work with them to make that change.”