Recent days full of good news

Published 1:19 am Monday, September 3, 2007

With runoff elections and the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina behind us, we can all begin to get into our busy fall routines.

Last week was one full of news, and plenty of it was good.

Let’s review a few of the good headlines of the week.

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4The St. Catherine Creek committee is still plugging away at plans to dam sections of the lake, creating recreational lakes for area residents to enjoy.

A study of the options is complete, meaning the project is a step closer to fruition. We are glad the group has stayed with this plan and we look forward to the end product.

4New Orleans native Sondra Satcher’s story is one of many, we know, but we hope it’s representative of all. Satcher and her family lost it all after Katrina, but she’s not looking back, only ahead.

Satcher’s new home is Natchez and she’s embraced our way of life. She’s well on her way to building her dream home, and she says she’s right at home here. We are happy to have Satcher and the other hurricane transplants.

4The folks down at the United Way know how to do more than raise money. They can have a little fun along the way too. The agency kicked off its annual campaign this week with a jambalaya cook-off, but they did it with a theme. James Bond and crew presented “Secret Agents of Change,” hoping to inspire donations to the group.

The coming week is a short one for most, thanks to Labor Day, so that fact alone starts us out on the right foot. And we are sure four working days is enough time to make a few more good headlines.