Don’t neglect Mississippi damage

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The front page of Sunday’s edition of The Democrat was an immediate attention getter: “Four stories” of perspective on Hurricane Katrina’s continuing effects, two years later, on New Orleans.

It was interesting reading all, we get a glimpse into the efforts of artist, historian, filmmaker, physician and the notable contributions they are making in the recovery and rebuilding efforts. I just have one question: where are the stories about the Mississippi Gulf Coast?

Please do not misunderstand; the devastation that Katrina wreaked on New Orleans is forever burned into our hearts and minds. There are images that will never completely leave our minds’ eyes when we see the Super Dome. Every time Katrina is mentioned, I remember the stories of Louisiana residents my co-workers and I encountered at Natchez Regional Medical Center. Yet, again I ask the question: where are the stories about the Mississippi Gulf Coast?

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What about Bay St. Louis and Pearlington; remember Pass Christian and Gulfport? What about the devastation at Biloxi and Ocean Springs?

Mississippi is our home — please, Natchez Democrat, do not go the way of the national media and ignore the stories of our fellow statesmen and women. It seems, at least from my perspective, that the great people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast have just gone about their determined business, doing everything they can to rebuild and get on with life, with or without the attention of the local and national media. I admire their strength, courage and tenacity; couldn’t we at least honor that with a printed word here and there to let them know we remember them? I am proud to be a Mississippian. How about it, Natchez Democrat?

Sonya Stephens

Natchez resident