Calling all North Natchez high students

Published 12:21 am Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Yes, we are planning to “grab” all former North Natchez High School students who attended and/or graduated from North Natchez High School during the years 1971 to 1989 to attend The Ramaganza Labor Day Weekend of 2008.

Statistics show that over 3,000 students graduated from North Natchez during those years and we can boast about our outstanding housewives, house husbands, doctors, lawyers, teachers, ministers, writers, photographers, newspaper owners, coaches, TV personalities, principals, counselors, and CEO of companies, outstanding music artist just to name a few. Please plan to jump out the bushes in 2008 and come back to Natchez.

We are looking for former Mr. and Mrs. North Natchez, Homecoming Queens and Courts, Star Students, Mr. Afro and Court, all club sweethearts, class favorites, members of the W.L. Nelson Hall of Fame, and the Robert Lewis All Stars, and our championship football and basketball teams’ players.

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We plan to paint the North end of Natchez green and gold and let the community know that the North Ram spirit never dies.

Do you remember the motorcades, the hall decorations, the big bonfire before the homecoming game and all that genuine North Natchez Ram spirit we showed throughout the entire school year? We plan to do it again.

Plans are being made for a pep rally, a parade, a banquet, memorial service and just a fun-filled weekend. We might just have a touch football game between North and South Natchez.

We need your help and your input. We need individuals from each class to be responsible for securing names and address or E-mail address to send the names to one of the following: Greg West, chairman, Lisa Johnson, Valeria Johnson, Ricky Gray, Glenn Kelly, Cathy Matthews, Lecora Robinson, Carman Stewart, Bessie Bradley, Jackie Posey, or Mrs. Ora Frazier, Advisor.

We are asking all interested persons to attend our next meeting, Sept. 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the Chambers of the Board of Supervisors on State Street.

Let us show our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, family and friends and the entire Natchez community what it meant to have that North Natchez Pride and the North Natchez Ram Spirit.

Ora N. Frazier is a Natchez resident and a North Natchez High School graduate.