GOP official lodges ethics complaint against Boasso

Published 12:11 am Sunday, September 9, 2007

BATON ROUGE (AP) — A member of the state GOP’s governing board has filed an ethics complaint against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Walter Boasso. Scott Wilfong alleges Boasso did not properly report buying ad time.

Wilfong, chairman of the Republican State Central Committee’s bylaws committee, said he delivered a complaint to the state Board of Ethics Thursday but that he was prevented by law from discussing the details. Acting Ethics Administrator Kathleen Allen said she couldn’t confirm or deny receiving any complaint.

Wilfong, in the complaint, alleges Boasso’s campaign did not itemize how it spent more than $869,000 for “media buys,” and claims that simply listing four “media buys” doesn’t meet ethics laws.

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Jay Howser, Boasso’s campaign manager, chalked the complaint up to “them playing politics” and said the campaign had “disclosed everything.” Howser said the campaign would file an amended return with spending details.

James Quinn, executive director of Louisiana’s Republican party, said Wilfong acted independently.

Last month, Chris Stow-Serge, a past president of the Tulane University College Democrats, filed an ethics complaint against Republican gubernatorial candidate Bobby Jindal, accusing Jindal of failing to report as an “in-kind” donation more than $118,000 in direct mail sent on his behalf by the state GOP — even though the state party had reported the purchases.

Officials with the Jindal campaign said they’d file an amended report though they don’t believe any laws were violated.