Elections, schools top good news

Published 12:03 am Monday, September 10, 2007

Just as one election season winds down in the Miss-Lou, another hits full stride. Though Adams County elections have two races still undecided, the bulk of local elections in Mississippi are over. That’s not the case in Louisiana.

Concordia Parish candidates qualified to run for local seats last week, making at least a few of the week’s good news headlines.

Nearly 40 people signed up to run for a number of parish positions, including police juror. As was the case in Adams County, the high number of candidates signifies a high interest in local government, and that is good news.

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Let’s review a few of the week’s other news makers.

The Coalition of 100 Black Women took over the operation of the St. Catherine Street Angeletty House approximately a year ago. Now, they’ve got a full slate of plans before them and an eager attitude. The women want to have the historic home — owned by a prominent black family in the 1850s — ready for tours this month. It’s great to have this landmark back on the Natchez tour circuit. Thanks goes to those who’ve made the house ready for the world to see.

Academic labels based on test scores were released in Louisiana last week, and two previously struggling schools made improvements. Ferriday Junior High and High School are no longer labeled “academically unacceptable.”

Though the schools have a long road ahead of them, this progress is positive and we know it took a lot of work by a lot of people to get to this point.

As fall rolls on and the election signs keep popping up, we know the good news will come along the way too.