Man builds playhouse for great-granddaughter

Published 10:34 pm Monday, September 17, 2007

NATCHEZ — For Charles Lipscomb 2-year-old great-granddaughter Callie was a gift from above.

“She’s a special little angel that God sent us” said Lipscomb as he stood in front of a gift he’s given to her, a 56 square foot playhouse he’s built next to his home in Morgantown.

Lipscomb has been building since his early youth and figured his little angel needed some space of her own.

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After a week or so of construction and the help of a couple of volunteers, things came together just as he planned.

Equipped with electricity, covered floors and built with lots of love, Lipscomb says the playhouse is something he’s done for Callie before he got too old.

“She spent about three hours in it after it was finished,” Lipscomb said. “She’ll wake up early in the morning and ‘say come on Pops’ and head right out there.”

“It’s a place she can get away, something of her own,” said great-grandmother Texi. “He really loves that little girl.”

“She has a 6-month-old brother and when Callie grows out of it the he can take it over,” Lipscomb said. I just wanted to give something that would last for a while.”

So now as the Lipscombs relax in the shade on their porch, the littlest Lipscombs have a spot in the shade all to themselves on the front porch of the house that Pops built.