Committee doing a good job with bluffs

Published 11:44 pm Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The beauty and majesty of the Natchez bluffs have been around as long as anyone can remember.

No doubt the lure of the high perch overlooking the river is one of the things enjoyed by the Natchez Indians.

And the French almost certainly picked the spot for its high and dry location.

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Today, the bluffs still hold a special place in our hearts and minds, but not for any practical reason, they’re just aesthetically gorgeous.

This week, the Mayor’s Beautification Committee, a group of volunteers, aimed their efforts squarely onto the Natchez bluffs and for good reason — they’re among the best thing we have going.

From the lack of places to sit down and enjoy the majestic river views to the problems of litter, the group discussed a number of potential ways to spruce up the city’s prime relaxation spot.

Long-term, we’d love to see a more eye-appealing fence constructed along the edge, too. While the black chain-link fence might be functional at keeping people from falling off the edge of the bluff, it’s certainly a bit of a distraction when juxtaposed against arguably the most beautiful vistas on the Mississippi River.

We applaud the work of the beautification committee and encourage them to let the community know when and how we can help.

The bluffs are one of a kind and we need to tread carefully on them as we work to make them more appealing to visitors and locals alike.