Disruptive students must be punished

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday was not a good day at Natchez High School.

I must commend the administration, district security, Natchez police, and the entire staff of Natchez High School for their professional actions.

Several of the fights took place right outside of my room.

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Fourteen students, and the probable dozen or so that did not get caught, ruined the day for the rest of my 150 students. What can we say when 14 destroy the educational atmosphere for the other thousand?

Is this just a neighborhood confrontation that came to school? Undoubtedly, yes.

Is this the result of 40 years of liberal individualism? Sure.

Is this because students and young people in general, have not had to suffer the consequences of their bad behavior? Assuredly.

Is this because some parents have not taught their sons and daughters proper behavior? Yes.

Is this because some students don’t care about getting an education? Absolutely.

What will happen to these 14 students?

Suspension? Yes, but will they return to school ready to learn?

Should they be automatically expelled, or assigned to the alternative school? And for how long?

Should they and their parents be subject to the fines stipulated in state law when an educational meeting is disrupted?

Should they be allowed to return to the high school?

I do not know all the necessary details.

Our district is serious about student learning and achievement; they are serious about high standards and expectations; they are serious about having an environment conducive to learning.

The actions of these students must have serious consequences or we will never be able to achieve the standards we aspire to.

We must never settle for less than excellence for our students. The disruptive students must not get in the way of the education of those who wish to excel.

David Troutman

Natchez resident