Parish to renovate school bathrooms

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 21, 2007

VIDALIA — Many might find bathroom humor to be childish and unnecessary, but in the Concordia Parish School District bathrooms are no joke.

In the budget the school board adopted Sept. 13, some funds of the projected funds were designated to bathroom renovations.

School board officials met Wednesday with architects to discuss the bathroom improvements, and after the architects have made assessments for the bathroom renovations — which will be done in every school in the parish — the project will hopefully be opened to bids by December, Laster said.

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Because the district is not sure exactly where the funding for the bathroom project will come from, it will probably be split into two sections, Laster said.

The project will likely group Monterey High School with the Ferriday schools and Ridgecrest Elementary School with the Vidalia schools, she said.

“Where the funding comes from will be a school board decision, but we felt we would be able to find the funding for these projects,” Laster said.

The need for bathroom renovation is especially evident in Monterey, Laster said.

“They’re going to take out all of the old toilets, the tiles and the sinks from the bathrooms,” she said. “It’ll be like a whole new bathroom is being put in.”

Parish principals agreed the renovations are needed.

Monterey High School Principal Neeva Sibley said the bathrooms at Monterey are not in particularly bad condition, but they do need to be updated.

“The three main buildings at Monterey High are about 50 years old,” she said. “All of the bathrooms work, but they do need rennovation.”

Vidalia Upper Elementary School Principal Darla Johnston said the same could be said for the bathrooms at her school.

“They’re just old,” she said. “They need to replace the fixtures and sinks, but everything works.”