Recreation belongs on the ballot

Published 11:13 pm Saturday, September 22, 2007

Recreation complex should be put on the ballots this next election!

I feel this should be done in a democratic way that would let the voting public voice their concerns dealing with recreation. This is the only way to keep things as fair and justified as that of the justice scale. There should be a state law (hint Senator Bob Dearing) that when it comes to a large amount of money being talked about, it should be voted on in our state. By this, the people in Natchez wouldn’t have the endless burden of paying for the convention center now. City government got Natchez where you are and I don’t want our county government in the hole of debt.

Jake Middleton as well as Phillip West will tell you that I was interested years ago about a complex when my youngest son was playing baseball. In fact, I was at a meeting that was brought up plans and etc. This was during the time all plants were running strong in Natchez. So, tell me if it couldn’t be done then, how can the money be found now?

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I want to congratulate Henry Watts for trying to pass an amendment for our county supervisors so that if they went over their budget that they would have to pay it out of their pockets. Spanky Felter and Watts are the only two supervisors who have taken a stand for the taxpayer who is struggling to stay in Natchez-Adams County. I salute and thank the two of you for your great work and keep the good work up! So, please see if this can be put on the ballot this next election as our sister state of Louisiana.

Gene Simonton

Concerned Adams County taxpayer