Natchez Humane Society needs our help

Published 11:27 pm Monday, September 24, 2007

Hi, I’m Kemethia Sylvester. I’d like to take a moment and discuss the Natchez Humane Society. I’m not a worker there, but I’m a citizen of Natchez who loves animals, and a student at Natchez Copiah-Lincoln.

While I was in class, my teacher Mr. Swoveland, who teaches sociology at Co-Lin in Natchez, brought up a good point talking about how bad the animal shelter needs money, food supplies and cleaning products.

Mr. Swoveland decided to ask the class to bring something to class to help out the shelter. Natchez is starting to grow more and more, bringing casinos, hotels, etc.

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Why can’t we all just focus on some of the things we have in Natchez. For example, the animal shelter. I learned that the shelter has to euthanize up to 60 animals every month simply because there’s no room.

We as people need to focus on society and our surrounding places that need help and our support. If you can, try to give and help out our Humane Society.

Kemethia Sylvester is a Natchez resident and a student at Copiah-Lincoln Community College – Natchez Campus.