Concordia road situation needs action

Published 11:35 pm Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The process worked the way it was supposed to work.

The Concordia Parish Police Jury began talking in 2005 about putting a road tax on the ballot again. They had tried before and failed.

But new potholes were forming all around, and the roads needed funding that the jury didn’t have.

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The idea whirled around for a little while, and citizens stepped forward with a request. The tax might pass, citizens said, if the jury showed the people a plan.

Jurors listened and responded. They worked with engineers and proposed a multi-phase project to overlay more than 50 parish roads.

Election day came and the voters gave the jury the go-ahead.

It was a picture perfect example of how local government should work.

The process was riding along smoothly, until recently.

Phase I work is done, but the roads are crumbling.

The jury is understandably outraged.

At Monday night’s meeting the jury approved having the new roads inspected. Local contractor, Blain Companies, has done little to offer an explanation or fix the failing roads, jurors said.

Some jurors seem ready to pounce with legal action.

At this point, the taxpayers’ money has been wasted. The process that started off so well is now a colossal failure.

Jurors are right to be upset, right to ask for inspections, and right to take quick legal action if the contractor is truly at fault.

This matter needs to be handled quickly through special meetings and decisive action, if necessary.

Concordia Parish drivers have waited long enough for good roads; one more day is too long.