Share beauty of area with fall tourists

Published 11:54 pm Thursday, September 27, 2007

Even driving past at 35 miles per hour, the red spider lilies are easy to spot.

Alone the spindly little creatures attract the eye, but together in large groups, the patches of crimson catch the heart a bit, too.

The thin, spider-like flowers are in full bloom now and in Natchez that means one thing — it’s time for Fall Pilgrimage.

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Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 2007 Natchez Fall Pilgrimage.

With 18 historic houses on tour this year, visitors will get a glimpse of some of Natchez’s finest examples of history and architecture.

Natchez area residents may take the area’s beauty for granted, but perhaps this season is a great time to stop, smell the roses — or spider lilies — and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

We’re lucky to live in such a beautiful, history rich corner of the country.

But we’re even luckier that we can share our home city with the world so often.

Natchez’s history attracts people from all over the world, our doors are open and we’re ready to welcome more visitors.

So drive a little more carefully over the next few weeks, remember that visitors may not be used to so many one-way streets and traffic lights along the sides of the street.

Visitors may get distracted as they drive by the beauty of the area we call home.

And we should all be grateful they’ve come to visit.