Leaders of 2006 meet

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 28, 2007

NATCHEZ — It’s a rematch of last year’s nail biter MPSA class A state championship game tonight when Briarfield comes to Trinity.

This time Trinity will have to win without the help of Stevan Ridley’s 319 yards rushing.

“This is a big game for us,” Trinity assistant coach Matt Mason said.

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So far Trinity hasn’t missed Ridley, picking up where they left off last year with a 5-0 record even though the Saints moved up to class AA.

Trinity has outscored their opponents 207-16.

“We plan on doing the same thing as we have been doing,” Mason said. “We are going to spread the ball around.”

Mason said Briarfield’s defense matches up pretty well with the Saints offense in terms of speed.

“We are going to look for any mismatch we can get,” he said.

“R.J. Fleming, Clint Easom and Matthew Freeman will all get plenty of touches. The main thing for us is Parker Brumfield continue to make good decisions at quarterback.”

Trinity’s defense has allowed only 16 points this season and had three shutouts.

“Briarfield has great team speed,” Mason said. “They run a different style of offense than what we are used to seeing.”

Mason said they would spread their defense out in order to control Briarfield’s offense.

“We had to change up some on defense,” Mason said. “We are going with a few different fronts on defense but we still plan on applying pressure to the quarterback.”

Mason said Briarfield’s quarterback Jeffrey Graham was more of a threat running the ball than passing.

“He has a good arm but he can hurt you the most by tucking the ball and running,” Mason said.

Mason said the key to the game with Brairfield was staying focused and not allowing any of the homecoming distractions to interfere with playing football.

Kickoff is set for 7 p.m.