Estes was always a ‘friendly competitor’

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Glenvall Estes was one of the first people I met on coming to Natchez in late 1951 as sports editor of the then Natchez Times.

Professionally speaking, he was a friendly competitor. Actually (although we worked for rival newspapers) he was more like a friendly co-worker. He was friends with everyone and was supportive of anyone who boosted Natchez athletic teams.

At that time, as he did for many years, Glenvall was writing his column, “Just Talkin’.” Sports Editor Norman Matthews of The Democrat had a column called “Matt’s Corner” and I wrote one called “moore about sports.”

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At the time I thought Glenvall’s column was too sugary with too much boosterism. I considered mine to be more objective. In retrospect, I am convinced that Glenvall’s approach was superior to mine and now I wish my column had been more like his.

As all who knew Glenvall will attest, he was always upbeat and always gracious and friendly. Even though our newspapers were quite competitive that didn’t bother Glenvall, so he and I became good friends.

When I was transferred to Mobile in 1971 with International Paper Company, Glenvall generously devoted much of his column to our moving and, as you would expect, had a lot of nice things to say about me and my work in Natchez. You will not be surprised to know that he even mentioned my wife and two daughters by name.

Old buddy, when I left Natchez, you gave me some ink in your column; on your leaving I’m trying to do the same. This is from the heart just as yours was way back in 1971. So goodbye, “friendly competitor.” I know you are already making friends in your new location.

Herman L. Moore

Dunwoody, Ga. resident