Developers believe, we should too

Published 12:36 am Sunday, October 7, 2007

Natchez has been a welcoming crossroads of sorts for generations.

From the Natchez Indians to the early French explorers to the plantation owners, Natchez loves to entertain visitors.

And thanks to a flurry of hotel building, the area will soon be able to host more than 50 percent more guests.

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An almost unheard of five new hotels are either under construction or in the planning stages in Natchez and Vidalia.

Much has been said about the number of new hotels being built in the area.

Cynics question the need and foretell of bad things to come when the new businesses fail.

What a depressing way to look at such amazing new development.

Many other areas our size would love to have the development that the Natchez area is finally seeing.

Most of the hotel developers would not sink money into an area unless they’d done a good bit of research and unless that research showed the likelihood of success is strong.

As alarming as it may seem to see so many of one particular business spring up over night, we see the developments as inherently good for our community.

Regardless of whether or not the new hotels manage to keep the “no vacancy” signs lit up year round, before they even open the front doors they will have made a sizable impact on the area’s economy.

Visitors have supported our economy for a long, long time. It’s good to know we’ll soon have room to play host to even more.