Mowing mandate good for parish

Published 11:16 pm Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Election season can be a beautiful thing.

It puts our local leaders on the hot seat of government and it essentially gives them a square push in the rear to finish all the things they’ve wanted to do.

It’s a win-win for all.

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The campaign signs for Concordia Parish police jurors are up all over the area. You’ve seen them, remember, they are the spots of color surrounded by knee-high grass on every vacant corner lot.

But the tall grass won’t stick around long past election season thanks to a decision the jurors made Monday night.

The police jury voted to adopt an ordinance mandating property owners must keep the grass cut on their property or pay the jury to mow it for them.

The ordinance is long overdue in the parish, and it’s great to see action on the part of the jury.

Their longtime letter writing campaign asking owners to cut their grass was fruitless, the jurors said. So the jury is taking matters into their own hands. After one letter, parish employees will cut the grass and bill the owner a minimum of $400.

Now that the ordinance is in place the jury needs to stick to their guns and hold a firm line on enforcement.

Something as simple as cutting the grass can change the overall look of the parish greatly. Those passing through and those who live or work in Concordia daily will notice the difference and appreciate it.

Hopefully once the election is said and done the campaign signs will come down along with the grass.