September golf tournament is unnecessary

Published 11:53 pm Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The state of Mississippi has at least four months of beautiful weather starting in the middle of October. It is the weather that we all enjoy when we do not have to sweat ourselves to death. Fall and spring weather are the greatest; therefore, we don’t need to hold a golf tournament in September in the capitol city.

All of the people who plan outdoor activities should keep this in mind. It is cruel and thoughtless to have a golf tournament the third week in October; everyone involved would enjoy the affair. The golfers and their families would enjoy coming to Jackson and would be delighted with the weather. They would return home and tell everyone how they enjoyed coming to Mississippi. They do not come to the golf tournament to enjoy the 90-plus degree heat and the high humidity; they come for the love of golf, the fellowship, and the prize money.

If you should ask the golfers how they enjoy coming to Jackson, they would say the heat does not bother them. I think they would say this in order not to hurt our feelings. The city of Natchez has a fall and spring pilgrimage, and people enjoy their visit here. People love to flock to the state fair in Jackson because of the good weather.

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My family and I have lived in some of the western states where the heat and humidity are no problem. Therefore, I believe that all of the planners of outdoor events are not being thoughtful of participants and other visitors.

Barthel D. Waggoner, Ph.D.

Natchez resident