Board hears progress reports

Published 10:25 pm Thursday, October 11, 2007

NATCHEZ — Goal and priority reports from the Natchez-Adams School District principals continued at Thursday’s board meeting, and everyone is working to track student progress.

The board has asked each school principal to give a report now and again later in the year to update their progress.

Four schools reported last month, and four more reported Thursday.

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Frazier Primary School Principal Lorraine Franklin said her school’s goal was the improve student achievement and teach parents about the importance of education.

Frazier will use the parent center and family oriented programs to achieve their goals.

Franklin also wants to focus on the quality of teaching.

“I’m not talking about those teachers who teach from bell tone to bell tone,” she said. “I’m talking about quality teaching.”

She wants her teachers to learn what may be happening in a child’s life away from school in order to better understand how the child learns.

At Central Alternative School, Principal Lorenzo Stampley said multiple programs are in place to track student achievement.

The school uses Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math, among other materials.

Central has 75 students in seventh through 11th-grade.

Stampley said his goals also included developing well-rounded students and building self-esteem.

At West Primary School, Principal Cindy Idom said the focus is on teaching kindergartners the skills they need to succeed in first grade.

The school is a part of the Reading First grant and uses an un-interrupted 90-minute block of reading each day to key in on the importance of reading. Students also take periodic assessments that show teachers and administrators what skills need to be re-taught.

At Natchez High School, similar testing goes on to mark student progress and identify weaknesses.

Principal James Loftin said that by March his administrators will know what students need help and in what areas before the May Subject Area Tests.

Board Chairman Norris Edney said he thought all the schools were on the right track.

“The foundation has to be placed in and then it takes time,” Edney said.

“I think we are moving in the right direction.”