District 4 candidates discuss range of issues

Published 12:42 am Wednesday, October 17, 2007

NATCHEZ — As the Oct. 20 elections draw near, the candidates for police juror have aligned themselves with their issues.

And while all the candidates have their own favorite projects, they all have one thing in common; they all said they are ready for the election to be over.

Candidates for police juror District 4 Place A are as follows.

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Cathy Darden

Darden, 54, is the incumbent in this race and has served as police juror for 14 years.

Darden said her biggest asset is her experience. Darden also has 25 years of governmental banking and accounting experience. “I have made a name for myself by getting things accomplished,” she said.

Darden said she has been successful in getting several roads paved and has fixed many of the sewer problems in her jurisdiction.

Elijah “Stepper’s” Banks

Banks, 65, plans to address a myriad of topics if elected. Banks is extremely focused on bringing the stray dog population under control and attracting new industry to the area. “Ferriday needs industry and trained workers,” he said. Banks also said he will make himself available to those who elect him. “If they need me, I’ll be there,” he said.

Jerry Beatty

Beatty, 38, has lived in his district since he was just two years old. “I know this area,” he said. If elected Beatty said he will capitalize on the drainage work already done in the area and continue to make improvements.

Beatty also said that he will work to get better lighting in neighborhoods. Beatty said he too would be easily accessible to those who elect him.

Irene Collins

Collins, 48, said if elected her main priority would be to improve roads in rural areas. “They (roads) tear cars up,” she said. Collins also said she would work to improve drainage in rural areas. And according to Collins, her fresh ideas and work ethic are reason enough to vote for her. “I get things done. If I say I’m going to do something, I get it done,” she said.

Candidates for police juror District 4 Place B are as follows.

Melvin Ferrington

Ferrington, 75, is the incumbent in this race with 14 years of experience. “I want to continue on the work I have started,” he said.

Ferrington, if reelected, plans to work with the homebound elderly to improve their quality of life. Ferrington also hopes to be able to develop tax incentives to entice new businesses to his district. But most of all Ferrington said his friendly nature will help him accomplish his goals.

“I’m a people person, I get along with everyone,” he said.

Chris Cothern

Cothern, 32, is Ferrington’s only competitor in this race. But that has not discouraged Cothern. He said his years of work in the construction business have given him valuable training that he can apply to improvement projects in his district.

Cothern said he sees a need for continued drainage and roadwork for everyone.

“A lot of the smaller areas are not money base and they get overlooked. I want to fix that,” he said.