State races draw local interest

Published 12:35 am Thursday, October 18, 2007

NATCHEZ —Candidates for both the 21st representative district and the 34th senatorial district have aligned themselves with key issues.

And voters will soon have a say in who they send to Washington.

From the 21st Representative District the candidates are as follows.

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John “Andy” Anders

Anders, 51, is the incumbent in this race and said his previous experience in the House of Representatives is his greatest asset. Anders wants to focus on health care for the elderly as well as education.

“I’ve spent all my life in this area, I know it,” he said.

Richard Madison

Madison, 59, said his 23 years in the military taught him how to work effectively with all people. If elected, Madison said he will focus on prisoner rehabilitation rather that warehousing, and raising pay for Louisiana’s teachers.

“My only special interest group is the people,” he said. Madison also said that he has funded his entire campaign and has received no monetary contributions.

C. Travis Johnson

Johnson, 23, said he is confident his young age will not work against him. Johnson said he will focus on educating other senators and raising teacher’s pay.

“Teachers have to want to teach,” he said. “I’m the only one well rounded enough to bring change for everyone.”

Moses J. Wiliams

Wiliams, 55, wants to focus on job creation, education and work training if he is elected. Wiliams said he brought 400 jobs in the shipbuilding industry to Tallulah, and paved the way for 21 small businesses to take root in his community.

For the senate seat the candidates are:

Paxton J. Branch

Branch, 40, said if elected he would like to author a bill that would shift LEAP test accountability from the students to the school. Branch also said he would offer the test twice a year.

“Poor performance kills morale in schools,” he said. Branch also said he would adjust the tax system in Louisiana to attract new business to the state.

Willie Hunter Jr.

Hunter, 58, said his 16 years of experience as a state representative have given him great insights the governmental workings. Hunter said he would bring more primary health care facilities to his district.

Francis Thompson

Thompson, 65, will focus on getting more rural hospitals, and better schools in the delta.