Voters to decide on amendments to La. Constitution

Published 11:53 pm Thursday, October 18, 2007

VIDALIA — Voters in the Oct. 20 election will decide whether to approve or reject four amendments to the Louisiana Constitution.

Act 483

A vote for Act 483 will prohibit any reductions in state payments of salary supplements for full-time fire and law enforcement officers.

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It will also provide that funding will be adequate for the requirements of current law regarding salary supplements.

Act 485

A vote for Act 485 will allow the state legislature to supplement pay for full-time police officers.

It will also allow the legislature to supplement the pay of fire protection officers who are employed by a port authority.

Act 484

A vote for act 484 will allow that future changes made to public retirement system benefits can only be made by the state legislature, and that the legislature cannot make any changes to the benefits system without providing a new funding source that will pay off the change in benefits within 10 years.

Act 486

A vote for Act 486 will add an exemption from ad valorem taxation to jewelry consigned by an art or jewelry dealer.