Where is banner code enforcement?

Published 12:26 am Thursday, October 18, 2007

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but money is made in the details.

We’ve said this often.

For a town steeped in history, Natchez can be sometimes slow to learn such lessons about the details.

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Keeping the grass cut, streets swept and in good repair and generally keeping things tidy is the responsibility of our city government.

While not littering and not breaking things is the responsibility of being a good citizen and requires only good behavior, being a good city requires some good leadership.

The latest bit of confusion comes from the fact that all too often temporary banners float over city streets long after their purpose has passed.

City code dictates the banners should be removed within two days of the event. Unfortunately, that seems to rarely happen in recent history.

Ask the city for the responsible party and you may get a different answer from each new person you ask.

Just like with the city’s solid and necessary, but rarely enforced sign ordinance, where is the code enforcement?

Where is the leadership required to make those who have the responsibility but apparently do not care be held accountable? Unfortunately, like too many of the overhead banners, citizens are left blowing in the wind without positive signs of resolution.