Clinton supports hiding medical records

Published 12:25 am Sunday, October 21, 2007

On the very last day of Bill Clinton’s presidency, he signed into law a controversial bill called the “HCFA Regulations.” It is an acronym for the Health Care Financing Administration. If you will recall they, Bill and Hillary, did equally intelligent things like stealing the White House silverware and removing all the “W’s” (as in George W) from computer keyboards.

This bill was passed through the legislature, guided by Hillary, under the guise of locating more children who were eligible for Medicaid entitlements. (Bureaucrats always try to get their toes in the door by seeming to have a great love “for the children.”) Attached to this bill was the “Patient Bill of Rights” that was designed, they said, to protect patients from insurance companies that would attempt to gain sensitive information on their health. It also prevented the dissemination of information on HIV positive patients because of the stereotypical association with homosexuality. It does not allow any member of the medical profession to share any information with anyone without the explicit, written, consent by the patient. The files are sealed.

Now, your upstairs neighbor may have contracted smallpox, the most contagious disease of man. If he does not sign a document releasing this information, no one is responsible to let you know. West Nile Virus is small potatoes by comparison. Go figure.

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If you want more of this “socialized medicine,” vote for Hillary in the upcoming election.

Ed Field