Library books can be dangerous

Published 12:24 am Sunday, October 21, 2007

The library is no doubt one of the finest public institutions our culture has to offer. No matter what age, you can find worlds to explore, much entertainment and mounds of knowledge to be absorbed by inquisitive minds. The world is a wonder and an open door to those who love to read.

However, there is a downside and every parent needs to be fully aware. In Wednesday’s paper, there was an article about teen week, inviting teens to come and read books which were almost banished.

The writer suggests not every book is right for every reader, and parents are the best judge for their own children.

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What they are saying is not every book has a “G,” or even a “PG” rating. Some of these books will leave even an adult blushing.

Please, please be aware, your child may have in their hands literature you would never permit them to read.

The library, as I was personally told, will not separate these books into any kind of rating system. They expect parents to pre-read all books. Great, if you have time to do this. I don’t!

Theresa Graves

Natchez resident