Bad weather plays havoc with MPSA All-Star Game

Published 11:32 pm Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CLINTON — What was supposed to have been a pair of seven-inning games between the South All-Stars and the North All-Stars at the MPSA Fast-Pitch All-Star Games at Mississippi College did not exactly turn out that way.

Because of inclement weather ahead of an approaching cold front Monday afternoon, only one game ended up being played and it did not even go the full seven innings. The game ended in a 5-5 tie after five and two-thirds innings before it was called.

Alyx Atkinson of Trinity Episcopal and Emily and Erin Gaulden of Centreville Academy did get to play in the game.

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“We had the banquet and they talked about canceling it. MC had gotten a pretty good rain before the banquet started,” Centreville head coach and South All-Stars assistant coach Mark Mann said. “They got the field ready. It was wet, but it was playable.”

The South team took a 5-0 lead into the bottom of the sixth inning when the rain started. It wasn’t a sprinkle or a light shower. It was a deluge.

“Water had started pooling. The conditions were horrendous to play softball,” Mann said. “Kelly Chandler (of Jackson Prep) was on the mound. She couldn’t grip the ball and her footing was bad. In just a few minutes, the infield started puddling. There was no footing or grip whatsoever.”

However, the umpires did not stop the game despite the bad weather. The North team scored five runs in the bottom of the sixth and with two outs, the game was finally stopped.

“I couldn’t believe they let it go that long. I think they wanted it to end in a tie,” Mann said. “Alyssa Boutwell (of Columbia Academy) and Emily (Gaulden) didn’t get to pitch any. What was disappointing to me was that they didn’t get to play two games and under better conditions. The girls had a good time. It was a kick as long as it lasted.”