New Covenant to officially open new church

Published 12:35 am Saturday, October 27, 2007

NATCHEZ — The New Covenant Evangelical Presbyterian Church is open for business, well almost.

On Oct. 28, the church will host a ribbon cutting ceremony that will mark their official opening.

And the Rev. Dennis Flach wants everyone

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to attend.

Flach wants to use the occasion to welcome a group he calls the “un-churched.”

The un-churched, Flach said, are comprised of those who have had some past church experiences, or those who simply want to give Christ another chance.

“Just come as you are,” Flach said. “It’s pretty low-key.”

Wanting to make people as comfortable as possible Flach said people shouldn’t be concerned with how they look at church.

“Jeans, suit whatever,” he said.

Flach said in the past the church has tried ad campaigns or catchy slogans to get souls in the doors, but that has changed.

“It is incumbent upon us to reach out to the community,” he said. “That’s our goal right now.”

And Flach thinks his goals will be more easily reached thanks to their new facility on Homochitto.

New Covenant’s congregation has outgrown their old church on Main Street.

The new church features a 3,000 square foot auxiliary building called Decker Hall, and a beautiful new church.

Decker Hall named for one of the churches core members bares the name of what Flach called “the main benefactor.”

The church and its hall were funded by the congregation.

Completed just one month ago Flach said he can’t wait to put the building to full use.

The new facility has conference rooms, a full-size kitchen, enough room for the congregation to meet and a private office for Flach. For years had been using a spare room in his home as an office.

He said he loves the office. Flach said the office and other new amenities will all benefit the flock.

Now instead of counseling couples at his home office he can do it at Decker Hall.

And in the future various Bible study classes and other church groups will be able to use Decker Hall.

But for some Decker Hall will host more than study groups.

“It is a wonderful place for us to fellowship,” David Blackburn, a congregant said.

Sunday’s open house will start at 3 p.m.