Ruritan gives primary school new paint, landscaping

Published 12:40 am Sunday, October 28, 2007

NATCHEZ — Susie B West Primary School was attacked by warriors on Saturday morning.

The Moving Warriors Ruritan, an organization based on civic service, attacked West Primary leaving in their wake fresh paint and new landscaping.

Arella Bacon, Warriors president, said approximately 250 volunteers turned out to take part in “Clean Sweep at West Primary.”

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The event has been in the works for several weeks and Bacon said Saturday’s event was like a dream come true.

“If you give of yourself it will comeback,” Bacon said.

According to West’s principal Cindy Idom her campus needed a lot of work.

Idom said the scope of the work needed became apparent when someone pointed out that the school’s stage, located in the cafeteria, could constitute a fire hazard.

“It was completely filled,” she said.

Idom said the stage had slowly become an area for all things that have no place anywhere else.

When Idom, also a Ruritan, was telling Bacon about the school’s problem Idom said she got the surprise of a lifetime.

“She said just make a list of everything that needs to get fixed,” Idom said.

So Idom made a repair wish list and Bacon got to work.

Idom said Bacon practically preformed a miracle.

“This is so rare,” she said. “No one ever does this stuff.”

So as a result of Bacon’s hard work and Idom’s imagination West’s students will ultimately reap the reward.

“The students are going to like it,” Bacon said.

And the students will have lots to like.

West’s workers were busy painting playground equipment, building an enormous cabinet to organize the stage, re-landscaping and even laying new pea-gravel under the swing set.

“Everybody has come together today,” Bacon said.

Joanne King and Anne Giadrosich, of the Adams County Master Gardeners, brought free plants and free labor.

Giadrosich said the work they were doing would normally cost about $3,000, not including plants.

“This is for a good cause,” King said. “When they (students) help with the work they can take pride it.”

Inmates from the Adams County jail even showed up to pitch in.

Booker T. Berry showed up with members of his church, the Greater Faith Worship Center, to do any job he could.

“I’ll do anything they ask,” he said.

Berry and his crew were hard at work making repairs on a swing set and even gave it a new coat of paint.

“The kids are really the ones that benefit,” he said.

West will also benefit though.

Idom estimates that the volunteer crew is saving the school more than $5,000.