Action needs to be taken in Vines case

Published 12:52 am Monday, October 29, 2007

Binkey Vines must have nine lives just like a cat. That poor “schmuck” over in Jefferson County was tried, sentenced and headed to jail for the very same thing Binkey was charged with — embezzling large sums of money from the office he was elected to. Both made off with roughly a quarter of a million dollars. Mr. Harris of Jefferson County is going to the slammer and ole Binkey is still holding out on turning in his records. Gee! Reckon he doesn’t want the results of an audit on these withheld records. Where does this whole charade stop?

Is there no provision in our legal system to take some action against a man who continues to withhold records from the state audit, for our city? If there is any action taken against Binkey, I sure want a different judge than the one who refused Binkey’s guilty plea he offered the judge on his last charge. I had no idea a judge could refuse a person who was willing to plead guilty to the deeds he was charged with. For gosh sakes, the man got 13 charges reduced to three and the judge refused to accept his plea. This was a retired judge appointed by our Attorney General Jim Hood, to hear this case. Boy! I don’t know about everyone else, but this stinks to me all the way up to Jackson.

I have some pretty strong feelings against an elected public official who embezzles roughly a quarter of a million dollars of tax payers’ money. I also harbor some hard feelings for our attorney general, and his retired judge friend who allowed this miscarriage of justice to be perpetrated on the people of this city.

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I feel it is time for some action to be taken in this situation and have Binkey produce the records in question or suffer some kind of punishment for this deed. Put me down for wanting to see him go to jail.

Kirk Bartley

Natchez resident