Cauthen is most qualified for supervisor job

Published 10:50 pm Monday, October 29, 2007

I am writing to ask for your support in voting for Sammy Cauthen in the upcoming general election for Supervisor of District 1. Many know that Sammy is my uncle, but regardless of that fact, I sincerely believe that he is the best and most qualified person for this critical job.

Right now, Adams County is poised for tremendous growth and opportunity over the next five to 10 years. I know for a fact that the supervisors have been diligently working to ensure that these opportunities happen. There have been a few who constantly criticized the board of supervisors no matter which direction it took. I do not think the criticism for the most part was justified. If we did not have supervisors who are willing to travel and meet the people interested in Adams County, then in my opinion, we would not have these opportunities staring us in the face.

It is important that we have experienced and qualified individuals on the board to make sure that the opportunities happen. Sammy is the one person on the board who is most fit for the job. To remove his experience at this critical juncture could very well have negative consequences for our county.

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Therefore, I would humbly ask you to strongly consider voting for Sammy and to ask your friends and family to do the same in this most important election.

Lucien C. “Sam” Gwin III

Natchez resident