Vampires run rampant at Vidalia home

Published 11:06 pm Monday, October 29, 2007

NATCHEZ — Halloween may mean candy and costumes to some, but to Vidalia native Mike Graves it means it’s time to give the neighborhood kids a little scare along with their treats.

Drive down Apple Street in Vidalia and you will surely see Grave’s house. There are goblins and ghouls mysteriously floating, bats just at eye level and a big chair for the master of ceremonies.

“I’ve always decorated my house for all occasions,” Graves said.

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“I fool with it until it looks right to me then I get feedback from other people.”

Graves is looking forward to Halloween night, when young ghosts and goblins come by his house for a little All Hallows Eve magic.

“I have a few surprises planned,” Graves said.

Along with friends, he will work hard to give local kids a thrill.

“My friend Eric Higgins will dress up to surprise kids,” Graves said.

“He will have a chainsaw, without the blade. You just never know where he is going to pop out.”

Each year, Graves tries to create a new theme for decorating. This year, the theme is vampires. To decorate his yard, he used trees branches cut from his neighbor’s yard, moss taken from local trees and an assortment of bought decorations. Graves even bought a fog machine for the evening festivities. Decorating is only one part of preparing. He also prepared his yard for young visitors by making sure there were no ant beds or tall grass.

Graves hopes to eventually expand his Halloween décor into a haunted house.

“I like to do it just for the kids,” Graves said.

“A laugh is good for the heart, but a scare is good for the heart too.”

People can visit this scary Halloween display at 1219 Apple St. in Vidalia. Graves will be handing candy and drinks to anyone brave enough to visit.