Who’s in charge of school board?

Published 10:44 pm Monday, October 29, 2007

The comedy team of Abbott and Costello became famous using the comedy of confusion. The duo’s famous “Who’s on first?” routine is the stuff of comic genius.

And, sometimes one just has to laugh — to keep from crying — at the way some local elected officials mimic the Abbott and Costello, without actually trying.

Look at the confusing, convoluted conundrum facing the Concordia School Board and their latest antics and you almost have to chuckle a bit.

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In September, in what appeared to be a premeditated coup, the board voted to not renew the superintendent’s contract. But in doing so, they seemed to struggle to explain what, specifically, was at the root of the problem.

Essentially, the crowd on hand got the equivalent of a third-grade “just because” answer.

The answer left many parents and educators scratching their head, just like Costello, in trying to make sense out of the unusual situation.

The issue became more muddled last week when one board member questioned whether or not a hiring freeze enacted in July nullified the board’s later vote to non-renew Laster’s contract.

It’s a good question and one that we hope the board can explain with more authority than the lackluster explanation for Laster’s ouster.

All of this begs the question “Who’s really in charge of the board?” And, more important, what are their motives?