Brown deserves four more years in office

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On Nov. 6, you will be going to the polls to elect local and statewide candidates.

One of these will be for the office of highway commissioner. If you will look around our state highways in Adams County (and other counties) you will notice that the litter is being picked up by inmate labor. This program is sponsored by the Mississippi Department of Transportation and the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. The current commissioner is Wayne Brown. I have met Commissioner Brown and he is thoroughly committed to the highways in Southwest Mississippi. Some other elected officials have totally or in part ignored us, but not Mr. Brown. From the litter program to the beautiful Trace bridge to the four-laning of the highways leading to Natchez, Commissioner Brown has lived up to his promises. I urge you to give Mr. Brown at least four more years to continue his hard work on our behalf.

Charles Harrigill

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Natchez resident