Accreditation bodes well for schools

Published 11:17 pm Thursday, November 1, 2007

Have you ever invited a white-gloved, gray-haired, home-cleaning specialist to traipse through your house for a thorough inspection?

It’s not a thought most homeowners would consider. If you are happy with your house, your cleaning habits and your surroundings, why do you need the approval of an outside expert?

You don’t. And neither did the Natchez-Adams School District.

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But they did it anyway when they invited the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to grade their housekeeping.

SACS is a regional agency that provides school accreditations. They are not part of No Child Left Behind, and the state doesn’t require schools to meet their standards.

They are however, widely respected, and receiving SACS accreditation can go a long way. The agency accredits more than 13,000 schools throughout the country.

And SACS says the Natchez schools are doing well.

Representatives from the group came to town this week and gave their final report at a public meeting Wednesday. The group’s report is like an audit of sorts, that reviews personnel, buildings and finances.

The group interviews employees, community members, students and parents.

SACS officials pointed out a few areas for improvement, but said the district as a whole met the necessary requirements.

Carrying SACS accreditation bodes well for our schools. The fact that the district opened itself up to the white glove is more important.

Seeking such a report card shows a willingness and a desire to improve.