All Natchez-Adams schools accredited

Published 12:06 am Thursday, November 1, 2007

NATCHEZ — Since Monday morning, inspectors with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools have been inspecting nearly every aspect of schools in the Natchez-Adams School District.

O’Neal Bozeman, a field consultant with SACS, said all schools in the Natchez-Adams District are accredited.

Natchez-Adams School District Superintendent Dr. Anthony Morris said the evaluation, done once every five years, is a good opportunity to gain a detailed view of the district.

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Bozeman gave a detailed report to Morris and several other school officials on Wednesday before he and his fellow inspectors left town.

Bozeman said that while the district’s schools are doing well, they can always do better.

“Everybody can improve,” he said.

Bozeman complemented the board on what he called a wise decision for having the entire district accredited at once.

“When you get the whole picture at once you can address all the problems at once,” he said.

And since Monday, Bozeman’s team has been working on developing a cohesive view of the district.

They interviewed five board members, 23 students and 78 teachers.

In his presentation to the board on Wednesday Bozeman gave the board an in-depth analysis of the distirct.

Bozeman first gave the board the good news.

Bozeman said that the school is fiscally sound and has a very well rounded board.

Bozeman also said the district’s facilities, while aging, have been exceptionally well maintained.

“Well-kept schools are very important to students,” he said.

Bozeman also told the board they are to be commended for their ongoing efforts to bring the best available technology into the classroom.

But the district’s ability to get the technology into the classroom is also on Bozeman’s list of struggles the school faces.

“That stuff costs money,” he said.

Bozeman also strongly advised that the district clearly define the roles of their staff.

“When people know their role they can fulfill it,” he said.

Bozeman will provide a full written report to Morris within the next month.

Morris said once he has the document he’ll start fixing the problems.