Eidt, Watts battle for supervisor post

Published 12:06 am Thursday, November 1, 2007

NATCHEZ — Tuesday’s election is rapidly approaching and voters in District 2 have a decision to make.

Henry Watts, four-year incumbent, and newcomer Joe Eidt III are both running for a spot on the Adams County Board of Supervisors.

Watts said his years of experience with the board and his expertise as a businessman make him more than qualified for another term as supervisor.

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Eidt said he can benefit the board by getting them back on track.

“It feels like a stalemate on the board,” Eidt said.

Eidt said that nothing has come of too many votes before the current board.

“I think I can get 5-0 votes,” Eidt said, meaning he could get all five board members to vote unanimously.

Eidt said his positive outlook, and a spirit of cooperation will allow efficient decisions to be made by board members. However Eidt was somewhat vague on his plan to ease tensions on the board.

Watts had a slightly different opinion.

“There is no infighting,” he said. “We are five different people with five different ways of looking at things.”

Watts pointed to the board’s recent votes as evidence that the board works well together.

Watts said that the county recently enticed new business in the form of a new hotel, car dealership and Rentech.

“Those businesses mean jobs for families,” he said.

And while some businesses are moving into Natchez, Eidt thinks there’s room for more.

“Natchez needs more businesses,” he said.

Eidt said 25 years ago Natchez had three plants that provided good-paying jobs for locals.

And Eidt thinks he may have the solution.

Eidt said that tax incentives for big business would make them more likely to choose Natchez when opening new industries.

Watts and Eidt do have one thing in common though.

Both men agree that government should be run like a business.

But that may be all they agree on.

Eidt said that he would strongly consider lowering taxes in Natchez.

Watts said that if the county’s budget is strictly adhered to, additional taxes would not be not necessary.

But the core of the issues may lie within individual philosophies.

Eidt said he thinks his open-minded attitude will serve as a conduit to open a free exchange of ideas on the board.

Watts said when making a decision he just asks himself “Is this good for everyone in the county?”