Laster’s comments were uncalled for

Published 12:25 am Thursday, November 1, 2007

When does professional ethics and respect begin and hate end?

On Sept. 22 we lost a daddy, a father, a husband and a professional model — Howard L. Jackson.

His years of experience, dedication, leadership, personality and respect were demonstrated during his presence on earth and did follow him to his heavenly home, as an outstanding Louisiana educator.

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As I read in The Natchez Democrat on Oct. 24, my husband’s professional status was violated by Superintendent Kerry Laster at a recent school board meeting.

Laster said that my husband walked into her office and told her he would keep working, regardless of what she said.

That is not how my husband told me the events unfolded.

It is a human disgrace to shout out at the dead. Jackson cannot speak for himself, however he does have a voice.

Jackson was a man of rules and respect, he would never enter an office without an invitation.

The situation as my husband told me, occurred like this, Dr. Laster called Jackson into her office with an audience present, to inform Jackson that Sept. 17, 07, was his last day of contracted services.

He excused himself to make three telephone calls to board members. Each one informed him of the previous board meeting concerning the freezing of his position. He returned to Laster’s office informing her of that information, recalling with her in a previous board meeting that she had informed him that he had to sign in and out on a daily work basis, as he continued to work.

Now, only 32 days after Jackson’s death, Laster still insists on demonstrating her hate for him by bringing up the issue and retelling the events in a way that makes my husband sound unprofessional. Dr. Laster, please allow his family and friends to mourn his exiting from earth in peace. What difference will his job conditions matter now?

Enough is enough. Is it hate or just plain prejudice?

Dr. Laster, may I encourage you to read for your daily mediation, Proverbs 6:16-19.