Cauthen, Eidt right for the job

Published 12:01 am Sunday, November 4, 2007

On Tuesday, Adams County voters will head to the polls with a difficult job on their shoulders.

Locally, two candidates each in supervisors District 1 and 2 are on the ballot. All are good men with good intentions.

Selecting a leader, however, one must look at the whole person; examine their strengths and their weaknesses. We’ve talked to the candidates, met with them individually and followed their actions through the campaign.

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We believe the choices are clear when all of the facts are considered.

In District 1, long-time supervisor Sammy Cauthen earns our endorsement. Despite a vocal group who seeks “change” on the board, few of their reasons for change have held much water with us.

Critics have challenged Cauthen’s travel expenses while at the same time criticized the current board for not getting anything done with regard to jobs.

We think Cauthen brings much to the table in terms of experience, know-how and contacts within state and national government. Those are invaluable, and we’d be foolish to let those drop. His travel expenses are not outrageous, especially if you consider his involvement in helping to lobby for our area.

Perhaps one of Cauthen’s best attributes, which often goes unnoticed, is his easygoing nature and ability to remain calm and levelheaded under fire.

We urge residents of District 1 to strongly consider whether or not the county is in a better position today than it was four years ago. We think it is and we think Cauthen has been a catalyst for change.

In District 2, challenger Joe Eidt earns our endorsement because of the skills he brings to the table. His background in sales and his personality make him uniquely positioned to be able to work together with others of differing opinions, backgrounds and motivations to hammer our solutions.

It’s easy to just always disagree with the majority. Armchair quarterbacks and sideline critics are easy to find.

Finding team players who can bring all sides together and find solutions instead of just complaining all the time is much more difficult.

We think Eidt can do this and do it well.

His dedication to the area is well known as is his commitment to working with others to do what’s best for all, not just what’s popular for a small group.

We hope the voters of District 2 will give Eidt, a hometown man with hometown values, a chance on Tuesday.

Regardless of which candidates you choose, we urge you to vote on Tuesday and vote with your head and your heart.