Hopkins an honest man; Chaney can lead

Published 12:01 am Sunday, November 4, 2007

We don’t usually get very involved in election campaigns but we do vote and support candidates. That leads us to our decision for writing. We feel if good people don’t run, others will. There are many good candidates running in the upcoming election and we believe it is important for everyone to be a part of electing our officials.

The elections this year are vital to our state. We are not personally involved in each one but we do want to share about one candidate that we know personally, Al Hopkins, who is running for attorney general.

My wife Paula has known Al since she was born. He was an outstanding leader in high school, college, law school, and his law firm in Gulfport. He also has served as Major General of the Mississippi National Guard. Above all, he will uphold the laws of the State of Mississippi without any prejudice. We know him as an honest man who will do what is right for our state without showing favoritism. We urge you to vote for Al Hopkins on Tuesday.

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One other election vital to our state is for insurance commissioner. As one entity, the insurance industry has faced many problems with handling Katrina claims. The incredible destruction that our Mississippi coast received was like no other storm damage ever imagined. To face the wrath of any possible future storms, we must have an insurance commissioner who can lead with courage and fairness to all and who understands that we all must work together for solutions. Again, this is about what is best for the state of Mississippi. We believe Mike Chaney is capable of guiding the insurance industry with his leadership while protecting the rights of all those insured within the State of Mississippi.

Terry Estes

Natchez resident